Modern Pythagoras Music of the Spheres

Multimedia concert

space recordings, soundtrack, vocal ensemble, percussion

specially commissioned film

sanskrit text

When we look through telescopes or simply peer at the sky at night, we imagine space as a vast empty void, thinly populated by stars, planets and galaxies. But modern quantum physics tells us that even the most remote and lonely points in the universe pulsate with the energy of the zero point field. So all space is energy, therefore all space is frequency, therefore the universe IS sound.

The ancient Hindus said that the universe began with the word OM. When you listen to recordings from space, this word seems ever constant. It makes you wonder what these ancient people really knew. It seems the universe is full of sound, yet our senses can only detect a very narrow window of it.

The Conscious Sky is a concert length performance conceived and composed by Marcus Davidson, that blends space recordings and film, with vocal ensemble, percussion, sound track and Sanskrit texts.

The Conscious Sky uses the amazing vocal overtoning of Jayson Stilwell.


If you ever wondered what Pythagoras´s music of the spheres sounds like – here it is!


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